ALJA TASI, dipl. oec. & journalist
Foto & design by Miranda Rumina

Since I was a child I had always known I would be a journalist, but I was advised against this profession, the reason being that it is too stressful. That is why I first studied psychology, then finished the studies of economics and then by chance became – a journalist. Since 2002 I have been working at Slovenian daily Primorske novice where I edit the weekly supplement Sobota, one of the most read and popular editions of this newspaper.

If I am having fun with my work, readers will also, this is my motto. For my interviews I therefore choose speakers who are interesting and from whom I can learn something. I really want to give people such information that will help and inspire them in life. Writing relaxes me, as well as walks by the sea in Piran, Slovenia, where I live.